About Defonte's Catering

Satisfying New Yorkers for Decades

The Defonte’s name has long been known for mouthwatering cuisine.

The story began in the early 1900s when Nick Defonte left his hometown of Mori di Bari, Italy, to go to America. Shortly after arriving at Ellis Island with visions of a better life for himself, he settled in Brooklyn like many other Italian immigrants.

Work and jobs were scarce so the young man he took whatever came along. He worked on the railroad, labored at a coconut factory, loaded trucks and worked as a longshoreman. When the opportunity to buy a local longshoreman hangout for $100, Nick saw the potential and took a chance. He began preparing and serving food the hungry men. It wasn’t long before word spread and other hungry customers started showing up.

“Defonte’s of Brooklyn” grew into a Brooklyn neighborhood staple. After years of success in Brooklyn and increased demand, Defonte’s of Brooklyn expanded and a store in nearby Staten Island was opened. With 2 successful locations, more and more people from further away were requesting orders… large orders. Defonte’s Catering was born!

Classic Defonte’s staples are now available for the guests at your New York City based events.

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