“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” goes an ancient proverb. And, who said women never cared about food and taste? Everyone likes to be pampered, and when it comes about food, he or she expects a little more! Yes, it’s a gesture of love…

Humans are the only animals who cook. For us, food is a product of someone who spends time, money and effort to make you feel that you are loved and taken care of. That’s the reason, in the events that you organize, you arrange food for your guests. But, in this fast world, nobody has time and energy to cook for an entire gathering. That’s where the caterers and their services step in!

And, how you choose the best caterer who offers the finest event catering services?

There are umpteen numbers of websites that gives you tips on choosing the best caterer. But, nobody has explained it that simple that how we have done in the below post…

Who fits your idea?

The first and foremost thing that you look before zeroing in on a caterer or a catering service is, “who or which type of catering serves the best for the idea of your event…?” The idea is nothing but,

  1. The purpose or the type of the event – a customary or a wedding or birthday party or just a weekend party.
  2. Who are your guests? The type of food and drink…
  3. Your budget, and the time and place where the event is held…
  4. Availability of the caterer. The caterer and his team should be fully available for your event. The company cannot sail on two boats!
  5. The caterer should fit into or satisfy all of the above mentioned criteria of yours. There should not be any mismatch!


Always look for the reputation of the caterer. The best way to find out is through ‘word of mouth’! Enquire from your friends, contacts and acquaintances that who or which caterer in the market is reliable, and overall, who suits all your expectations? Look for the reviews about the caterer in journals and websites. Ask for references from the caterer himself… contact them and enquire about the reliability, quality and the specialty of the catering company!

Taste and quality of the food and service

The food that you serve to your guest can make or break the event! A tasty food can erase the memory of a badly organized event, but a bad food can spoil every fun of the event! Enquire about the reputation of the Chef. Does he command a name for good taste, freshness and innovation? How good his kitchen staff members are? Are they clean, skillful and dynamic? Would the food be served with style, and impressive?

You can also pay a visit to their premises to see their professionalism… And, if you want you can have a tasting session too. Remember, a sample can be tasteful, but food prepared for a large number of people cannot have the same taste!

Sign a Contract

Make sure the company signs a contract. The contract between you and the caterer protects your interests! Ensure the following things are mentioned in the contract to avoid ambiguity and confusion in your dealings…

  1. The date, time and venue of the event
  2. What are the food items – welcome drink, starters, main course, side dishes, salads, BBQs, desserts and beverages…?
  3. Whether drinks, including alcohol, will be provided and served by the caterer…
  4. The freshness of the food, how it will be delivered to the venue and presented at the table…
  5. Who will design and decorate the venue? Whether the tables and chairs are brought by the caterer?
  6. Number of kitchen staff and waiters.
  7. Who will clean and clear the catering area after the event is over
  8. Insurance provided, and cancellation policy.
  9. Total cost, cost per food etc. Advance paid, balance payment and tips to be paid or not?

And, finally…

It’s all careful planning and keeping track of things…

By following these simple tips you can choose your best catering services, have an amazing food experience and, an unforgettable event!